For startups who have financing and the drive to succeed, our services can help you to concentrate on the truly important parts of your business, without getting bogged down in routine administrative tasks.

— Bookkeeping

We have developed our own bookkeeping system optimized for Internet payments: reports are generated instantly after a payment is made or funds are received. The system is closely integrated with the project and makes the profit structure transparent. All transactions and related accounting issues are handled through our finance department.

— Network and server administration

Whether buying, setting up, or supporting servers, our professional administrators are happy to take the burden off you. We will also provide your office with high-speed, secure Internet access and guarantee minimal downtime. All computer support and equipment issues are our responsibility as well.

— Staffing

The bane of growing projects is a lack of people. Our HR pros can rapidly select, test, and hire the employee that you need. We also can transfer employees between projects.

— Expert advice

Our most precious asset, as our partners tell us, is the experience of our people. They know how to get big online projects up and running, and are passionate about it. BRTechnologies employees will happily take part in your meetings and give you their expert view.

— Web design

Our designers perform their work strictly to deadline, adjusting their version to meet your requirements.

— Office

Make use of our negotiation rooms, recreation areas, and kitchens. In addition, we offer a more comfortable working space than a fledgling web project is usually able to afford by itself: this includes places to work, communications, office equipment, and secretarial services.

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