In the Internet business sector, ideas can come to fruition in the blink of an eye. Often it is the case that he who launches first reaps the rewards. There is the risk that the talent of young entrepreneurs and developers with a good idea can get bogged down in issues that are not even directly connected to their project's business model.

The BRTechnologies web shell lets entrepreneurs focus on what they do best by freeing them from administrative problems such as legal services, bookkeeping, hiring, server administration, and more (more about BRTechnologies services).

We’ve spent over five years creating solutions for cutting through the administrative tape that strangles web businesses:

We’ve put together a professional team.
professional team.
*/?> — We’ve developed and adapted software.
— We’ve developed smooth-running business processes that work.

We are open for partnership with web projects that want to concentrate on their business and get on their way to greater growth.

BRTechnologies facts:

• BRTechnologies was founded in St. Petersburg in 2005.

• Core businesses at BRTechnologies:
    — Web service development and support, online games, apps, and systems
    — Software quality control.

• BRTechnologies currently employs 100 specialists, with more joining all the time.